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In Victory of Communism's Immortal Ideals


“ In western society, the system has managed to drag the masses so deeply into their own crap that they seem to have lost any feeling of their position as exploited and oppressed, so that they dream of nothing more than a car, a holiday, and a toweled bathroom. ”

—    Ulrike Meinhof 

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Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine guerrilla at the funeral of  Ahmed Jargoon in Rafah, Gaza Strip, 2011. 


Order of Lenin.

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Friedrich Engels Guard Regiment of the German Democratic Republic.

I love seeing all these old photos of Azerbaijan, nice blog!!

Asked by fernmouse

Thanks! I try not to neglect the Central Asian Soviet Republics.

Why do Maoists use the imperialists weapon aka M16?

Asked by Anonymous

Probably because it was available.

I read somewhere that the Sandinista government used old South Vietnamese M16A1’s that Vietnam acquired after reunification. 

Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front supporters at a rally celebrating the anniversary of the FMLN’s 2009 presidential victory in San Salvador, El Salvador.


Наш путь-путь коммунизма! / Our path is the path of communism! (1956)

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Vietnamese People’s Army soldier lies dead amongst his possessions in the aftermath of the Battle of Hue. Photo by Don McCullin, 1968.

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Baku, Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic, 1974.


Lenin Museum, Baku, Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic, 1974.


Baku, Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic, 1974.