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In Victory of Communism's Immortal Ideals


Do you have any isea about" Alliance between Nazi and Zionism "?

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I’m not even entirely sure what you’re referring to.

ΚΚΕ Ισχυρο δυναμη για το λαο. / Communist Party of Greece a powerful force for the people.

Samos, Hellenic Republic, 2007.


Palestine Liberation Front.

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“ It takes a brave man to be a coward in the Red Army. ”

—    Georgy Zhukov.

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Berlin Fernsehturm, Alexanderplatz, German Democratic Republic. Photo by Harald Hauswald, 1986.

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Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine spokesman Ghassan Kanafani in the 1971 film “Red Army – PFLP: Declaration of World War”.

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Mosin–Nagant 91/30 rifle.

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Late 1950’s, Moscow. 

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英雄的多米尼加人民反美斗争必胜!/ The struggle of the brave Dominican people against America must be victorious! (1965)


坚决支持亚洲非洲拉丁美国人民的反帝斗争 / Vigorously support the anti-imperialist struggle of the peoples of Asia, Africa and Latin America. (1964)


觉醒了的人民, 必将得到最后的胜利! / Awakened peoples, you will certainly attain the ultimate victory! (1963)


North Vietnamese delegates at the Four-Party Joint Military commission of the Paris Peace Accords, 1973. 


“ How sorry I feel for the Palestinian people, expelled from their homeland and persecuted in the cruellest ways by the Israeli aggressors and other reactionary forces. And why? Because they are fighting for their rights, to return to their homeland, because they demand justice from those who do not want to know what justice is, but simply trample the rights of other peoples underfoot, as the Israelis and their patrons, the American imperialists, do. ”

—    Enver Hoxha.

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New People’s Army guerrillas at a meeting in Cordillera Central, Republic of the Philippines. Photo by Agence France-Presse, 2002.

Securely hiding in the woods, radio operators maintain contacts between parts of the army, transmit and receive reports and orders.