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In Victory of Communism's Immortal Ideals


Motorcycle factory in the Soviet Union, 1950.

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Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist) protest the Israeli siege of Gaza in Kolkata, Republic of India.

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Prague Castle, Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, 1965.


Charles Bridge tower, Prague, Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, 1965.


Czechoslovak parliament. 


Charles Bridge, Prague, Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, 1965.


Prague, Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, 1965.

Prague Castle seen from Charles Bridge, Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, 1965.


Prague, Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, 1965.


Do you have any isea about" Alliance between Nazi and Zionism "?

Asked by Anonymous

I’m not even entirely sure what you’re referring to.

ΚΚΕ Ισχυρο δυναμη για το λαο. / Communist Party of Greece a powerful force for the people.

Samos, Hellenic Republic, 2007.


Palestine Liberation Front.

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“ It takes a brave man to be a coward in the Red Army. ”

—    Georgy Zhukov.

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Berlin Fernsehturm, Alexanderplatz, German Democratic Republic. Photo by Harald Hauswald, 1986.

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Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine spokesman Ghassan Kanafani in the 1971 film “Red Army – PFLP: Declaration of World War”.

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